Drawing on the skills acquired in his City career, Howard also works with other professional and academic clients outside the financial sector, helping them refine existing documents to the highest professional standards.

This includes rapid online 'proof editing' of web-based content including blogs, which Prism-Clarity can turn round at short notice and with an eye for errors and impact.

For professional and academic clients Prism-Clarity also provides clear, high-quality traditional editing and proofreading, making use of Howard's wide experience and facility with language, alongside standard publishing industry techniques.

Proof Editing

Traditionally in the publishing industry proofreading and editing/copy editing are different disciplines, carried out by different people at different stages of the publication process.

Editing occurs earlier in the process, before typesetting, and involves more freedom to suggest stylistic or editorial changes, as well as correcting obvious errors.

Proofreading occurs later in the process, after typesetting, in fact is the last stage prior to publication. It involves error correction only, with no freedom to suggest stylistic or editorial changes (unless correcting obvious errors).

Most traditional publishers (e.g. hard-copy book publishers) still use this split. But these days it is also common, especially for online and web-based work, for the two to be combined in a one-stage hybrid process known as proof editing.

Using his online editing skills, Howard provides a rapid online proof editing service for professional and academic clients. This service is especially valuable if rapid or timely turnaround of content is required prior to online publication: notably webpages and blogs.

And not just web content. Proof editing is an effective alternative to traditional hard-copy editing or proofreading for any document that can be reviewed and edited online in a single-stage review.

This includes articles, reviews, theses/dissertations, applications, funding bids, correspondence, job-related content, training, promotional or marketing material: basically any online content that needs a high-quality editorial eye applied in a single-stage review.

Traditional Editing & Proofreading

Many publishers (e.g. hard-copy book publishers) still operate using the traditional distinction between editing (copy editing) and proofreading services.

So, on top of the other services it provides, Prism-Clarity also offers traditional hard-copy editing and proofreading services using standard British publishing marks.

Howard is an Entry-level member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and currently undergoing a range of SfEP training and mentoring assignments in proofreading and copy editing. In 2015 he completed a training programme with the prestigious Chapterhouse publishing house and is now undergoing post-training assessments relating to that course.

With his strong academic background and meticulous eye for detail – allied to the drafting and editing skills developed in his City career – Howard is well-placed to provide top-quality services for clients who require traditional editing or proofreading of hard copy material.

This includes articles, reviews, theses/dissertations, applications, funding bids, correspondence, job-related content, training, promotional or marketing material: in fact any content which requires a high-quality professional editorial eye.


Prices for proofreading, editing and proof editing services are typically set by hour or by thousand words, subject to complexity and the nature of the job.

Rates are agreed job-by-job, starting from standard SfEP guidelines. Howard's rates are not the cheapest in the market but still good value when you consider the expertise and quality he brings to your writing assignment.

Different rates can be negotiated for longer or shorter timelines, for larger jobs, or for non-profit clients: give us a call to discuss your needs.


Typos, spelling, punctuation, grammar, errors, inconsistencies, layout


Style, structure, usage, impact, messaging plus all proofreading elements

Proof Editing

Rapid, online, single-stage hybrid, customised to the client's needs


How it looks after all proofreading, editing or proof editing is done

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