I write and edit documents for clients in financial services and beyond, supported by 30 years of risk and regulatory experience at leading banks.

I do online and hard-copy editing and proofreading for professional and academic clients.

Risk, regulatory, governance, strategy, policies, procedures, manuals, audit, marketing, project, training, educational, web content, books, journals, research: all done to the same professional standards.

Every job is customised to your needs, aiming for the highest standards of written English and clear, effective presentation.

I do customised training and mentoring in business writing, for adult/higher education colleges, corporates and individuals.

Meticulous. Reliable. Professional.


High-quality, transparent, sustainable documents, customised to your needs and written in clear professional English

Online Proof Editing

Rapid online proof editing of blogs and other web material, maximising impact with flawless accuracy

Traditional Editing and Proofreading

Hard-copy editing and proofreading for professional and academic clients, using traditional publishing standards

For a free consultation on what Prism-Clarity can do to help you, contact:

[email protected]
+44 (0)1763 248 201

For editing jobs, please include a sample if you have one. This helps us assess the complexity of the job and give you a realistic quote.

All prices depend on the type of job, complexity and turnaround time. We quote by the day, hour, or thousand words depending on the job.

Writing & Editing

Web Content, Strategy, Risk, Regulatory, Governance, Disclosure, Board, Policies & Procedures, Technical, Audit, Project, Training, Promotional


City University of London, Customised Training for Educational Bodies, Corporates, Individuals, Clear Business English in Financial Services


Prism-Clarity is run by Howard Walwyn, an experienced professional with advanced skills in writing and editing: his banking career included spells at the Bank of England and J.P. Morgan


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