Founded by Howard Walwyn in March 2016, Prism-Clarity is a specialised freelance consultancy providing high-quality professional writing services to financial sector, professional and academic clients.

Howard has 30 years of top-class professional experience at blue-chip UK and international banks: the Bank of England, ANZ Investment Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Group, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, VTB Capital and most recently J.P. Morgan.

Prism-Clarity aims to help clients create clear, high-quality documentation from scratch, and refine existing documents to the highest professional standards.

Howard also provides customised training and mentoring services for adult/higher educational bodies, corporate clients and individuals, focusing on clear business English.


Howard spent most of his banking career in regulatory, risk and governance roles at these banking organisations, drafting and editing complex documents for Executive Suite, Board and regulatory audiences. This front-line experience has given him unparalleled insight into the needs of regulators, boards, management and the public for transparent, sustainable documentation on a wide range of financial sector topics.

Following his career specialism, Howard has particular expertise in documents relating to financial regulation, risk and governance, where demand for high-quality sustainable documents has never been higher. He has worked on Basel I, II, 2.5 and III, the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book, CAD1 and CAD2 (CRR) applications, ICAAP, Risk Appetite, Stress Testing, Reverse Stress Testing, Recovery and Resolution, Risk Reporting including Limit Frameworks, Risk Policy, New Products and Business Strategy documents, among others.

Earlier in his career he developed his writing skills drafting customised correspondence with Bank of England stockholders and other agencies, prudential supervisory documents on banks and other financial institutions, and regular newsletters on international financial market and regulatory developments.


Supported by his university degrees in English Language & Literature (BA Hons, Newcastle upon Tyne) and Economics (MSc, London), Howard always aims for the highest possible standards of English in a strong, clear writing style.

He also specialises in working with non-native English writers and ‘quantitative’ writers who need to convey complex material, but may need help conveying it in clear English.

Howard’s all-round editing and proofreading skills make him ideally suited to work with other (non-financial sector) professional and academic clients, delivering excellence, professionalism and impeccable standards of clear English; or with individual clients looking to maximise the impact and clarity of their writing, whatever form it takes.


Howard lives and works in Hertfordshire, UK. He is married with two daughters, two stepdaughters and three grandchildren. His personal interests include choral singing, a wide range of sports, music, films and TV shows, gardening and natural history. He also volunteers for a nationwide charity.

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