Author: Daria Kravchenko

More Than Just An Assistant: Should We Be Concerned About Google Duplex?

[Note on the author: Daria Kravchenko is Group Digital Marketing Manager at Hays Recruitment. Daria is currently a student on the City, University of London Writing for Business short course which started in May 2018. She wrote this blog as part of a homework/in-class exercise on that course.]

Whether you personally are a loyal fan of virtual assistants, trusting Alexa to set your alarm and handle Amazon shopping, or a sceptic avoiding Artificial Intelligence (AI) at all costs, the fact remains that a substantial amount of global effort is going into developing technology that can interact with humans seamlessly, in the same way that we do with each other.

Despite all the technological advances, progress in this field has remained limited so far. Sure, quizzing Siri on the meaning of life can bring on some giggles, but the overall language processing capabilities of existing chatbots are far from advanced. We would never assume there’s a living and breathing person on the other end of the line, when it’s just a machine providing scripted answers in a stilted computerised voice. Right?

Well, that might have been true up until now, but it looks like things have begun to change.