Author: Howard Walwyn

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Are You Content? The Start of a Content Journey

This blog shares some of my early experiences in the world of Content Strategy.

Four months ago I hadn’t heard the term Content Strategy. Then, when I did hear it, at first I dismissed it as faddish millennial digi-jargon.

Then I started hearing about it everywhere. I read blogs and tweets. It started infiltrating my waking and sleeping thoughts. I realised, slowly, I needed one myself, even in my one person start-up. If the term hadn’t existed I would’ve invented it, that was how needed.

Why? What is it? Why so life-infiltrating?

This blog starts off on a journey to find some answers, based on my narrow experience to date. But it is a journey, so this probably won’t be my last word on this strange new essential thing.


Risk and Regulation Round-up: January to May 2016

A quick round-up of key announcements and developments in financial risk and regulation: from 1st January to 26th May 2016 # (most recent first).

The articles in this blog do not constitute advice, but please contact Prism-Clarity for further information, including where to get the best advice.

Key PRA and FCA announcements:
12th May 2016: PRA Liquidity Consultation
9th May 2016: FCA Sandbox
5th April 2016: FCA Business Plan 2016-17
7th March 2016: New Senior Manager Regimes

Key Basel announcements:
25th April 2016 (revised from 6th April): Leverage Ratio
21st April 2016: Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book
24th March 2016: Credit Risk RWA and IRB
4th March 2016: Operational Risk
14th January 2016: Final FRTB Rules

# Future editions will cover a straight quarter: next June to August 2016