Author: Sally Wang

On the Path of the Climate Change Threat

[Note on the author: Sally Wang is an operations manager and coordinator, living and working temporarily in London though her family home is in the USA. She was a student on the City, University of London Writing for Business short course in Oct-Dec 2018. Sally wrote this blog as part of a homework/in-class exercise on that course.]

Heatwaves, floods and drought are striking us more frequently than expected. Our actions will determine our future and fate. Are we prepared?

Why are California’s wildfires so hard to fight? And why do farmers in Iowa have no water for their corn? Why are people seeing their insurance rates go up? It is clear that the impact of climate change is growing. But what is causing these changes? And how does the rising temperature affect the environment, and our lives?

A group of prominent global climate change scientists at the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) have been exploring this issue for decades. And their recent climate change report gives more explanation.