Clear Business English in Financial Services

Do you feel your written English lets you down?

Do you worry about writing that important email, covering letter or report?

Do you worry that you might compromise regulatory rules or a business deal because your writing isn’t clear enough?

Would you like to write business English that looks and sounds better, and gets better results?

English is a hard language to get right. There are lots of rules on grammar, usage and style but how many of them really matter? And which ones should we use when?

Clear Business English in Financial Services will help you refine your professional communications in the financial services sector; and make you a more confident business English writer all round.

This book uses a few simple principles that can be applied to any piece of business English, short or long, and whatever the format. Using clear guidance and practical examples the book tells financial services professionals what they really need to know to make a great impression in all their business writing: manuals, policies, reports, executive summaries, web and marketing content, blogs, emails, even tweets.

Clear Business English in Financial Services is targeted for publication in 2018.

Meet Clara. She is helping me finish writing the book.