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How do you solve a problem like ‘however’?


Maybe all those hours of reading and writing made the final stages of proofreading and copyediting seem too exhausting? Maybe after spending so long reading the same words over and over again, the ideas you were trying to get across seemed clear and easy to understand?

Whatever the reason, when you consider all the work you’ve done, the things that your proofreader/copyeditor/supervisor/lecturer/teacher have commented on just don’t seem to be THAT big a deal. It’s certainly not enough to justify going over all of it again and restructuring your content – which took a bloody long time to write in the first place – just to get rid of the occasional ‘however’. We have all been there.

I spent years being told that my work used ‘however’ too much and my sentences were too long and ‘muddy’. It wasn’t until I started proofreading and copyediting other people’s work that I finally understood what my teachers and lecturers were talking about. Here is an extract from an essay I wrote 18 months ago..

I decided to write this blog to offer some solutions to four common problems I’ve observed, in my editing career so far, that seem to need most intervention. I just wish I’d known about these solutions when I was a student!

Training and CPD for content professionals

On 2 June 2020 I was privileged to host the #ContentClubUK Twitter chat which takes place every Tuesday at 11am. [See below for more about ContentClubUK.]

This blog post (1) summarises what I picked up as the key theme of the chat, and (2) provides links to some of the many resources that came up in response to my three questions.

Apologies to #ContentClubUK attendees whose suggestions or resources do not appear in this post due to space constraints: there were a lot, and I couldn’t be exhaustive. Still I’ve tried to cover as many as possible.


Risk & Regulation Round-up: Sept 2019 to Feb 2020

Welcome to the latest Prism-Clarity round-up of key announcements and developments in UK financial risk and regulation.

This time I didn’t wait a whole year before penning an update. Still, six months is a fair stint to cover. As promised last time, in future we are aiming to resume doing this update quarterly – or at least more frequently than six monthly.

As last time, given the long coverage period the reporting is selective and summarised. So I present the usual curated links to underlying source stories or documents for the reader who wants more detail; including publications and announcements from individual regulators’ websites.

Also please note: I am not ignoring the virus, but trying to abstract from it, so far as possible, and look beyond it to take into account topics and concerns that there were there before it – and will still be here after it.

*** Note: The articles in this blog do not constitute advice, but please contact me here for further information, including where to get the best advice. ***