The other main service I offer is customised training in business writing, for educational bodies, corporates or individuals.

From 2017 to 2020 I taught the Writing for Business evening shortcourse at City, University of London. Drawing on that teaching expertise and material, I provide training, tutoring or mentoring in business writing, customised to your needs.

I can deliver your training in the classroom, online (e.g. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, MS Teams) or even by phone. It is totally up to you.

clear business English

Clients who have used my customised training services include the Bank of England (PRA), Edgbaston Investment Partners, Hermes Investment Management, Strabens Hall and private individuals.

My writing training is usually based on the City, University of London shortcourse syllabus and on my forthcoming book about writing clear business English.

But can also be tailored to cover any or all of the following topics:

  • Principles of good business writing
  • Correctness in business writing: rules, usage and style
  • Sound, story and structure
  • Understanding the market and the reader
  • Planning and research
  • Legal and editorial
  • Digital writing including readability metrics
  • Email, presentations, speeches and other formats
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Press releases and interviewing
  • The format is completely flexible: it can be mainly lecture-style, more workshop-style, or more personally interactive, with individual/small group tuition and homework. It depends on your needs.

    Please contact me to discuss your requirements. This service is priced by the hour (including preparation/feedback) and typical prices range from £50 to £75 per hour gross. Where appropriate I would seek reimbursement for travel costs.

    Illustration: assume a commission of four hours of training spread over four weeks (i.e. four journeys) @ £75 per hour. Assume four hours of preparation/feedback, plus 4 * £50 travel costs. I would quote an illustrative rate of: (8 * £75) + (4 * £50) = £800.

    [Note: this is for illustration only: actual figures may vary from this example.]

    City University Shortcourse

    Although I am no longer teaching at City, University of London, my expert former colleagues continue to offer this evening course: online only until further notice.

    It is a highly practical course for business professionals who want to improve their writing skills; and suitable for anyone whose job involves writing corporate documents, or who wants their business writing to stand out in a crowd.

    Topics covered on the course include: Understanding your reader, style and structure, writing effective emails, digital writing, sales copy, editing and self-marketing.

    No specific qualifications are necessary, but students should be working within a business environment and looking to improve their writing skills in this context. Apply here to sign up.

    For a free consultation on what Prism-Clarity can do to help you, contact:

    [email protected]
    +44 (0)79 4128 4487