This is a customised privacy policy for the freelance writing, training and editing business run by Howard Walwyn as a sole trader (under the brand name Prism-Clarity); and the associated website https://prism-clarity.com.

It is not based on any standard industry template but is written bearing in mind the specific privacy needs of the Prism-Clarity freelance business, its clients, suppliers and other contacts, especially but not solely in the context of the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR).

[This regulation came into effect in the UK to replace the 2018 EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when the UK left the EU on 31st January 2020.]


The UK-GDPR means you have to give your explicit consent before being signed up to receive marketing communications, and gives you the right to:

  • Know how your data is being used;
  • Request that your data is deleted;
  • Retrieve your data in a format you can read and re-use.

If you need any information on any of these topics – or if you would like to request deletion or retrieval of any of your personal data that I may be holding associated with the Prism-Clarity freelance business – please email me on [email protected] (tel +44 79 4128 4487).


Prism-clarity.com includes an email newsletter subscription form and a contact form, which both include minimal personal information (name and email address only).

This personal data is only used to communicate with respondents or subscribers for legitimate business reasons. It is never used to spam respondents or subscribers; and it is never sold to, traded with or shared with any third party.

Prism-clarity.com is a secure site, i.e. uses the HTTPS/SSL security protocol.


Cookies are simple text files that your web browser uses to record some settings relevant to each website you visit.

I make occasional use of Google Analytics to assess the visitors to prism-clarity.com and to understand which pages or blog posts are most popular. This requires the use of cookies. Some websites don’t use cookies, but every site that uses Google Analytics does – including prism-clarity.com.

Apart from this incidental, occasional use, I do not consciously use any other cookies on prism-clarity.com. I do, however, use WordPress plug-ins, and it is possible that any one of the WordPress plug-ins that I install may itself set up cookies as a matter of routine. Even if so, I never look at or use this additional data. That is why I use the word ‘consciously’ in the first sentence of this paragraph.

Email newsletters

I use MailChimp to send a routine email newsletter to subscribers.

The only way to subscribe to my newsletter is via a ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ dialog box on prism-clarity.com.

When you sign up, you go through a double opt-in system before your details are added to my Mailchimp newsletter list. That means you have to:

  1. Enter your email address and name via the ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ dialog box; and
  2. Click an activation link in a confirmation email.

There’s also an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every Prism-Clarity email newsletter, so it’s easy for a subscriber to remove themselves from the list should they want to at any time.

For purposes of this newsletter I use MailChimp to store and manage subscriber personal data.

[See the attached MailChimp article for details of how MailChimp manages its data protection commitments in the aftermath of the European Court of Human Rights judgment in July 2020 which invalidated the earlier so-called Privacy Shield mechanism. This article explains how Mailchimp complies with data protection requirements when transferring personal data to the US in support of transatlantic commerce.]


On 18th May 2018 I registered Prism-Clarity Ltd with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO): reference number ZA375850.


If you want to learn more about how I handle and protect your data, please email me at [email protected]