A selection of comments made by clients about Howard’s work since he founded Prism-Clarity in 2016


“His drafting and presentational skills helped us craft a new Board level document summarising our risk and business strategy. … meticulous project management and editorial skills to help update key management documents in a consistent and professional style. His support and expertise are highly valued.”

Chief risk officer, London investment bank

“A great editing job in challenging circumstances, giving a coherent single voice to a complex paper written by five authors, taking into account numerous experts’ feedback. It was especially pleasing that he delivered the brief on time and budget despite its complexity, so we could push on rapidly with the work programme that depended on it.”

Non Executive director, international risk management institute

“Empowering and thought provoking. It made me consciously challenge the way I write for different audiences.” “A revelation… it helps to appreciate the huge importance of good writing. I sometimes neglect this for content but now I understand how wrong this is. And it helps to set a very high standard for our writing.” “A must.”

Writing course attendees, UK financial regulator

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“A much overdue ‘Thank you!’ for all your work on the business plan for us. It looks fantastic and you did a great job at making seven people’s input look professional and seamless.”

CEO, financial technology consultancy

“Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done for us this year – you have been a lifesaver! The quality of work you produce is outstanding and I have had great feedback from drafters on the kind of queries you flag.”

Content editor, UK financial regulator

“Very happy with your excellent work. The edits are thorough and thoughtful… will definitely recommend your services to others and also … thank [referrer] for forwarding me to you… Our feeling is that you managed to let each author speak in their own tone and voice.”

Academic coordinator, European university masters programme

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